Photography is the combination of graphic simplicity and heart and soul. 
I began finding myself in photography with nature landscapes. I took sight of the world noticing the contrasts between spaces and shapes, and negative and positive, revealing the design of the earth. The world is graphic shapes and seeing how the shapes relate to one another drew me in, which created images that drew you in and made you feel something real. I quickly found my love changing from nature landscapes to architecture and the story behind how structures were created. It wasn't long before I felt disconnected from my imagery; though I was able to find the design and story of a structure, I was missing the emotional connection. 
Portraiture was actually my worst nemesis. I became more intrigued with this notion of the struggle I felt. I continued to fight through some of my worst imagery until one day it clicked. The element of design I found in nature and in architecture can be found in people — by looking at the human body as a form that can design and create graphic shapes. This insight gave me the courage to see the shapes of a person, that persons story, and the emotions of that person.
The form catches your eye, but it's the connection that draws you in.

Can't wait to connect with you and capture your vision!
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